Manythings Recruit

Collective of Web3 Degens are building interchain futures.
We're seeking highly-skilled, driven professionals who share our passion for this cutting-edge technology. At our company, we thrive on collaboration, tapping into the wealth of expertise, experience, and achievements of our diverse team members. Together, we're pioneering the interchain future and invite you to be a part of our mission.
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Core values

Steer clear of inefficiency at work We stand apart from the rest, celebrating our distinctiveness that empowers us to accomplish what others deem unattainable.
Raw Intelligence Our commitment is to maintain incredibly high standards and attract remarkable individuals who excel every day while enjoying their work. We aspire to surround ourselves with people who act with integrity and are driven to do the right things, even when nobody is watching. If this sounds like you, we're thrilled you're here and look forward to achieving incredible feats together.
Goals and feedback Proactive communication with your supervisor about your job performance and objectives is essential. Take the initiative to request feedback or any additional insights from your supervisor. Don't wait for them to start the conversation or for a company-initiated review process to receive the feedback you need to thrive.

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